Featured ArtistS:


Brent Estabrook

Brent is a unique fit for Smile Design Gallery, because he is a trained dentist, but no longer practices after pursuing his life long dream of becoming an artist. Brent Estabrook’s playful work, ripe with sociopolitical commentary and fraught with the unbridled passion of a determined young artist, challenges the viewer to reconsider familiar images, products and ideas as he himself explores the liminal space between discovery and curiosity. Over the years he has transformed his study of Basquiat and Rembrandt into a style which is uniquely his own.

Robert Peterson

Robert’s career as an artist began only a few years ago; finishing his first ever painting on the day he was told that a major surgery was required to improve his quality of life. The young Oklahoma artist was a Goodyear production worker who had been sketching his entire life. As his sketches became more popular, prospective high-profile clients were asking for paintings. Peterson’s works are now collected by fans worldwide, including superstar rapper and producer, Swizz Beatz, Darrell Revis, Carlos Boozer, Lil Wayne, and a prince in Dubai.

Justin Gilzene

Justin Gilzene is a Bronx, NY native and self-taught artist. His artist career began after leaving Monroe College where he was a culinary arts major to focus on his true passion in painting. Justin pairs a cartoon character with a pop culture figure to bring out a powerful message to help shed light and awareness within the flaws and injustice in our country, and also within ourselves. In 2014 he had his first solo exhibition at Cotton Hustle, created a special commission piece of artwork for NBA player Andre Drummond from the Detroit Pistons, also for rapper Drake. 

Bradley Theodore

New York based artist Bradley Theodore’s work bridges street art, fashion, music and technology. He’s painted murals across the globe; done cover art for albums for the Wu Tang Clan, created art for Def Jam, Universal Records, and Sony. He’s been featured in Vogue for his iconic skeletalimages of Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld. His works playfully explores fashion, graphic design and popular culture.

Tonia calderon

Tonia is a Mexican-Dutch-Indonesian painter and designer based in LA. She is primarily influenced by pop culture, and best known for her music inspired “Black&Gold” series; paintings of icons with lyrics written through hand painted images of the icons. She is well known and respected by the top musicians and producers in the music industry today. She’s been featured by SF MoMA as an upcoming Hispanic female artist, and her work has been collected by celebrities such as Diddy, Lady Gaga, and Usher.